Post-Surgical Spine & Joint Reconstruction

Spine and joint reconstruction are complex surgeries often requiring several months of physical rehabilitation. At one time, post-surgery patients were put on bed rest, which brought about unwanted effects, such as physical deconditioning and obstructed circulation. Now, physical therapy is often prescribed for post-op patients because it facilitates faster recovery and a shorter road to independence.

After your surgery, you are matched with a physical therapy program that aligns your particular surgery with the most appropriate treatment. This will include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your musculoskeletal health and surgical rehabilitation needs.
  • A personalized plan of care in accordance with your surgical procedure, age, specific goals, your current level of fitness and/or any medical condition you may have.

Once your treatment plan is developed, our therapists will then provide one-on-one, evidence-based physical therapy treatment sessions to expedite your recovery and return to your normal activities.

We work with patients who have had:

  • Cervical/Lumbar Fusion
  • Joint Fusion
  • Partial and Total Joint Replacements (e.g., shoulder, elbow or knee replacements)

We offer a comfortable, clean, safe and relaxed environment where you can receive the attention and individualized care that promotes physical rehabilitation and healing so you can recover your strength, function and mobility. Our friendly and caring staff will provide you with the support, guidance and encouragement needed to achieve your goals through structured, supervised appointments and documented progress during each appointment. We also provide you with the important tools and resources to better understand your surgery and physical rehabilitation treatment program.

Together, with your surgical and rehabilitation team of healthcare professionals, we will help you determine short and long-term goals that are optimistic and achievable.

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